In your life, there will always be some assholes that fuck you up.

You can say I am a fresher at the workplace, or you can say that I am immature. But I say, when people don’t give a shit about you, then why should you? Yesterday was a very good example.

Her attitude has never been good or nice to anyone, and with my unintentionally rbf, it just makes everything worse. By the point I realize that she got my rbf wrong it was already too late. But anyway her attitude has always been shitty so I just didn’t wanna bother to fix our bond anyway.

Oh yesterday, so it was her last working day and she just decided to sing ‘fuck it all, fuck it all, and don’t give a shit anymore’ to me and she had words with me, at work, in front of everyone, which is you know, shame on her.

There are always be some assholes, like her, at work, or just everywhere. People who take everything for granted, think they are the center of everything, measure people by how much they can pay for. To them, how can you put their ideas over yours?

I am not trying to over-standardize myself here, but I found out the truth from what happened yesterday that those words from assholes, just pretty much the fart from their ass – sticks and smells. Why should you try to fix it?

But of course, there are some good colleagues who understand you and put themselves at your shoes. What’s better? You two become friends. Life is all about time and timing.

After all, you gotta thank you for those assholes for teaching you a lesson, of letting you know more about how their shitty brains function.

Sayonara, madda fukka! 👋🏻


Back to the future.


Photo from the music video 回到過去 – 周杰倫

We are all dumb. Don’t say you are smart because you are just too dumb to realise the truth. It’s like our brain realise you are in the worst shape then it’ll be like ‘good! It’s a good time to make decisions!’ Just before you know, things have already gone to unreturned.

Looking back to the choice you have chosen, path you have taken, people you have spent time with, relationships that you have given up, you start to judge yourself like ‘How? Why?’ Asking yourself questions that you don’t even have an answer with because you weren’t you at that point.

Some are fixable, some aren’t, or some depend on others. You try so hard to fix the mess but what if thing has changed? Some cracks can’t merge and scars can’t fully heal.

Even so, at least we can try to open up ourselves and not make the same mistake again.

I am trying to fix, at least I hope it’s not too late.