Your New Person. 

Happy Year of Rooster! I wish y’all good health, good fortune and all wishes come true!

This year, our family has to be the ‘alpha’ on everything – worshipping, cooking, greeting. It’s kinda too much for us cause we are talking cooking for 20 people every meal here lol. But just when we wish we could have 10 hands to work, everyone comes to help, neighbors, aunties. That means a lot, that human kindness, that warmth, that’s something I can’t really see in HK people to be honest. Everyone is helping for a good’o dinner, some help with cutleries, some help with chopping, some help with filling the glasses. It’s really like Christmas, in Chinese version.

A year started, some old stuffs to get rid of, some new starts to come. Last year I learnt that not to care too much. And this year, I wish what I care about is worth it.

Some broken promises, some forgotten bae moments, I still care, I still waiting for you to say: hey how you doin lately? Let’s have a drink, bitch! But I guess you have a better life and better friends than we used to be. It’s okay too cause it might be the best for you, right?

Shit I didn’t mean this new year starts with this depressed. Hope this would cheer you up lol.

Not really, but hey I tried.


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