Photo from the movie – Café.Waiting.Love .

Valentines Day ain’t just for people who are involved; even if you are involved, doesn’t mean that’s everything you wish for; even if you are single, doesn’t mean you will be as it is.

This is a thing which all about time and timing. How many times we’ve met someone who you think s/he is right but s/he was involved, you backed off because you thought that’s the best for you and him/her. But what if he is the one? And how many times you tried you best to impress someone who just doesn’t give a shit, you thought there was a chance until you were so disappointed till you can’t feel the heart breaks anymore. No more heartbreaks, isn’t because that isn’t hurt anymore, but there’s nothing worth your caring. And how many times you were involved in a relationship that you though is right until just one night, you hurt him the way you have never hurt anyone else before. You feel guilt and he feels the pain.

You wish you could have shown more passion, and you wish you could have held on that message. But only if you have known.

At the end, doesn’t everything go back to where it starts – friendship. Your heart will break but not for long; your guilt will fade; his heartbreaks might as well. All that left? Some inside jokes you two might still make, some memories that you two will only know.

You are thankful for that, it’s like you keep falling from the bike until one day, you finally know how to ride. You feel thankful for the people who run along the bike to teach to how to balance, how to use the handles, how to use the break when you need to stop, and how to not be scared to get on that bike after the falls.

Thank you.


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