End of The Overture.


‘People said what they studied in university doesn’t mean shit.’

That depends on which type of person you are. Type one: You are so determine on your future path – that’s what everyone wants, knowing what you are fighting for, understanding what you’re doing is worth your invest. If you are this type of person, congratulations, cause you have already half way through to the finale. No matter how hard it is, you know the end of the path is everything you want. The Overture with Flute and Clarinet, maybe some Violins too. 

Type two: the way around, the only thing you know is to get the degree certificate – which sounds like most of us. You don’t care about what the lecturer said in the lecture, you only care the last tutorial, when the lecturer said about ultimate tips for the exams. Why you don’t care? Because you don’t think everything you learn at the moment is going to do shit  in your future path what so ever, so the grade doesn’t matter. The Overture with French Horn and Tuba.

So that overrated quote on the top is just the weakest excuse for all the type two.

Me? I was a type two. But my overture has over and I think my Second Movement is bout to begin and I think mine is playing with some Violins and Cellos, sometime with some Trumpets.

After my first job, I am determined on what I have to do and I am certain that it worths my invest.

My Second Movement has begun.


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