Adventure Of A Lifetime. 

Photo taken at Coldplay – A Head Full Of Dreams Tour 2017 Taipei

Everyone has own type of music that touches them. For some reason every rythum, every word, every drum, every note, you feel it all. It lifts you up when you are down, and it gets you higher when you are up. It feels your pain, and it shares your happiness. And that’s what I think of Coldplay.

I remember every day I woke up in Sheffield I play ‘Hymm For The Weekend’; every time I studied till late at The Diamond I play ‘A Sky Full Of Star’; every time I almost fall I play ‘Fix You’. The combination of the vocal Chris, guitarist Jonny, bassist Guy and drummer Will, they perform with a story in every song. To me, you need to have your own story inserting into the song to get people’s emotions and for me, they totally nailed it.

Especially the song ‘Fix You’ and ‘Up And Up’, when they sang these I honestly can’t stop my emotions and started streaming tears. Because these songs were by my side when I was at the loneliest and saddiest nights in Sheffield and as you sang along at the tour, you were giving 100% your emotions with the other thirty thousand people!
Talking about people, one thing about here in Taiwan is everyone is very considerate sand polite. It wasn’t the best day for an outdoor concert cause it was raining, however no one was holding an umbrella cause it would block the back. Also, cause I was going alone, I was worrying I got no companies. As I saw two girls hanging around I tried talking to them and they were so nice! We have been talking through and one of them even asked to lend me her raincoat. This is honestly very sweet and heartwarming.

‘And if we’ve only got this life, this adventure, oh, then I want to share it with you.’ Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime


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