Back to the future.


Photo from the music video 回到過去 – 周杰倫

We are all dumb. Don’t say you are smart because you are just too dumb to realise the truth. It’s like our brain realise you are in the worst shape then it’ll be like ‘good! It’s a good time to make decisions!’ Just before you know, things have already gone to unreturned.

Looking back to the choice you have chosen, path you have taken, people you have spent time with, relationships that you have given up, you start to judge yourself like ‘How? Why?’ Asking yourself questions that you don’t even have an answer with because you weren’t you at that point.

Some are fixable, some aren’t, or some depend on others. You try so hard to fix the mess but what if thing has changed? Some cracks can’t merge and scars can’t fully heal.

Even so, at least we can try to open up ourselves and not make the same mistake again.

I am trying to fix, at least I hope it’s not too late.


Gray Unreality. 

Photo from Taylor Swift-Wildest Dream.

I like the ‘Me’ in the dream, do whatever I want, say anything to anyone as I like. That me is brave enough to do thing I am too coward to do in real life.

Last night I had that one dream again, I held you hand again as we kissed, again. And you said something you didn’t say to me before, and me too, saying things that I have been always wanted to tell you.

People said what happened in the dream is what you have been thinking in reality. So is that mean the you in the dream is more honest?

‘Someday when you leave me

I bet these memories follow you around’